Can The FBI Be Trusted Anymore?

Can the FBI be trusted anymore? The decision to release a statement saying they had reopened an investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email communications had timing that played profoundly into determining the closing days of a tight election. Yet, they also announced they found nothing, and they also did not formally charge her or anyone on the initial investigation, so while the timing looked political, the agency has not in fact arrested anyone without cause, provocation, or evidence.

While the actual goings-on within the highest levels of the agency might never be known, any suspicion of political motivations discredit what is supposed to be the premier law enforcement organization within the entire United States of America. Given that many local police departments are embroiled in controversies over shootings of African-American citizens, it is easy to say that public trust in law enforcement is at something of a low point right now.

Having said all that, there are few if any law enforcement or intelligence organizations around the world that are as trained or capable as the Federal Bureau of Intelligence. Everything from forensic methods to psychological profiling are high-caliber tools that the FBI does as well as anyone, bringing many criminals to justice that eluded local or state organizations, or even other government agencies and branches.

Over 200 different kinds of federal crime are handled specifically by the FBI with jurisdiction over everyone else. This helps make the FBI a favorite feature of Hollywood in both film and television. The ’90s science-fiction hit The X-Files was about a pair of FBI investigators. Both the original and remake “Point Break” films were based on the true story of an FBI agent looking for a group of bank robbers through unique undercover work and creative methods.